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  2. Industrial Inkjet R&D and Manufacturing

  3. Flatbed Inkjet Printer
  4. TA2521
  5. TDL1161 EH/ TDL1060
  6. TC500/ TC800/ TC800EH
  7. TL2024
  8. CTS Inkjet Printer
  9. TE500
  10. Hybrid Inkjet Printer
  11. TRR770
  12. TR770
  13. Versatile Inkjet Printer
  14. LPS330
  15. Labels & Packaging
  16. Single-pass Inkjet Printer
  17. GEMINI 330 (Asia Version)
  18. GEMINI 330 (Euro Version)
  19. LR54
  20. LZ Series
  21. LZC Series
  22. Taurus
  23. Corrugated Board Inkjet Printer
  24. PF25
  25. Hybrid Inkjet Printer
  26. TRR770
  27. TR770
  28. Versatile Printer
  29. LPS330
  30. Digital Textile
  31. Direct-to-Fabric Printer
  32. XBM18/ XBM19/ XBM20
  33. XB18
  34. CR33
  35. Dye-sublimation Printer
  36. CWR19
  37. FR19
  38. SW16 Textile
  39. CW19/ CW33 Textile
  40. Direct-to-Garment/ T-shirt Printer
  41. TSDX
  42. TS1519/ TSD1519/ TSA1416
  43. Care Label Printer
  44. LR54 Narrow Fabric
  45. Marking & Coding
  46. Single-pass Printer
  47. Taurus
  48. Single-pass Print Engine
  49. Gemini C324P
  50. Morpho
  51. Morpho PWC
  52. Morpho 648/1080
  53. Morpho Color
  54. Morpho Color PWC
  55. Venus
  56. Venus 108-PWC
  57. Venus 32D
  58. Mars 1024
  59. Security Printing
  60. Single-pass Printer
  61. Taurus
  62. Single-pass Print Engine
  63. Gemini C324P
  64. Morpho
  65. Morpho PWC
  66. Morpho 648/1080
  67. Morpho Color
  68. Morpho Color PWC
  69. Venus
  70. Venus 108-PWC
  71. Venus 32D
  72. Mars 1024
  73. Mailing & Printing
  74. Single-pass Printer
  75. Taurus
  76. Single-pass Print Engine
  77. Gemini C324P
  78. Morpho
  79. Morpho PWC
  80. Morpho 648/1080
  81. Morpho Color
  82. Morpho Color PWC
  83. Venus
  84. Venus 108-PWC
  85. Venus 32D
  86. Mars 1024
  87. High-speed Full-color Printing
  88. Single-pass Printer
  89. GEMINI 330 (Asia Version)
  90. GEMINI 330 (Euro Version)
  91. LR54
  92. LZ Series
  93. LZC Series
  94. Taurus
  95. Single-pass Print Engine
  96. Gemini C324P
  97. Morpho Color
  98. Morpho Color PWC
  99. Venus
  100. Printers

  101. Roll-to-Roll Printer
  102. CRL33
  103. CL19/ CL26/ CL33
  104. SL16
  105. CW19/ CW26/ CW33
  106. SW16
  107. CS19/ CS26/ CS33
  108. SE16
  109. PA32
  110. Flatbed Printer
  111. CG1313
  112. FG2512
  113. TA2521
  114. TDL1161 EH/ TDL1060
  115. TC500/ TC800/ TC800EH
  116. TL2024
  117. Specialty Printer
  118. Direct-to-Bottle Printer
  119. TBC/ TB
  120. Corrugated Board Printer
  121. PF25
  122. Hybrid Printer
  123. TRR770
  124. TR770
  125. Versatile Printer
  126. LPS330
  127. CTS Printer
  128. TE500
  129. Digital Textile Printer
  130. Direct-to-Fabric Printer
  131. XBM18/ XBM19/ XBM20
  132. XB18
  133. CR33
  134. Dye-sublimation Printer
  135. CWR19
  136. FR19
  137. SW16 Textile
  138. CW19/ CW33 Textile
  139. Direct-to-Garment/ T-shirt Printer
  140. TSDX
  141. TS1519/ TSD1519/ TSA1416
  142. Care Label Printer
  143. LR54 Narrow Fabric
  144. Single-pass Printer
  145. GEMINI 330 (Asia Version)
  146. GEMINI 330 (Euro Version)
  147. LR54
  148. LZC Series
  149. LZ Series
  150. Taurus
  151. Single-pass Print Engine
  152. Gemini C324P
  153. Morpho
  154. Morpho PWC
  155. Morpho 648/1080
  156. Morpho Color
  157. Morpho Color PWC
  158. Venus
  159. Venus 108-PWC
  160. Venus 32D
  161. Mars
  162. Key Components

  163. Software
  164. ColorPRINT
  165. MagicPage VDP
  166. PCS
  167. PCS Pro
  168. Inks
  169. Inks
  170. UV Lamps
  171. UV Lamps
  172. Print Heads
  173. Print Heads
  174. Applications
  175. Signs & Displays
  176. Industrial Decorations
  177. Labels & Packaging
  178. Digital Textile
  179. Marking & Coding
  180. Security Printing
  181. Mailing & Printing
  182. High-speed Full-color Printing
  183. Cases
  184. Roll-to-Roll Printer
  185. Flatbed Printer
  186. Specialty Printer
  187. Digital Textile Printer
  188. Single-pass Printer
  189. Single-pass Print Engine
  190. News & Events
  191. News
  192. Events & Trade shows
  193. Company
  194. About Us
  195. History
  196. Competency
  197. Careers
  198. Contact Us
  199. LZC Series
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  200. Overview
  201. Features
  202. Applications
  203. Specifications
  204. Software
  205. Inks
  206. LZC Series
    Industrial Full-color UV-LED Web Inkjet Printer

    LZC54 is an innovative full-color UV-LED web inkjet printer specifically designed for industrial short-run narrow-format production. With compact and robust design, LZC54 offers outstanding print quality, exceptional productivity and great flexibility. Integrated with advanced UV inkjet printing technology, LZC54 supports a wide range of media that can be applied as labels, hang tags, tickets, lotteries/ bingos, foil packaging, etc.

    As an ideal alternative solution to small water-based and thermal transfer printers, environment-friendly LZC54 has prominent advantages in producing smooth gradients and vivid colors with the productivity of up to 30m/ min. at a lower running cost.

    Based on highly modular design concept, LZC54 can be configured with versatile post-printing modules, such as cutters/ dotting cutters, re-winders, detachers, die cutting or cross-cutting. LZC54 will help you build new business and win potential profits.

  207. Up to 30m/ min.
  208. Up to 600dpi
  209. Variable Data Printing
  210. Wide Media Applicability
  211. Customized Printing
  212. Short-run Printing
  213. LZC SeriesLZC Series
  214. LZC SeriesLZC Series
  215. LZC SeriesLZC Series
  216. LZC SeriesLZC Series
  217. LZC Series
  218. LZC Series
  219. LZC Series
  220. LZC Series
  221. Features


    JIT Print, Zero


    Wide Applicability and High Flexibility Create Profitable Opportunities

    LZC54 offers a web width within 110mm and print width up to 54mm. It enables to print on a wide range of media, including self-adhesive label stock, coated paper, cast coated paper, uncoated paper, and aluminum foil.

    LZC54 allows for adjustable variable data printing positions. The target printing positions of variable data usually change with different printing jobs. LZC54 enables you to meet the demand of each job for broad applications and more profitability.

    Foil Packaging

  222. Food lids, caps, seals and wrappers
  223. Beverage lids, caps and seals
  224. Pharmaceutical lids, caps and seals

  225. Labels

  226. Special food and beverage
  227. Body and health care
  228. Household chemicals
  229. Industrial and security labels
  230. Electronics and automotive labels

  231. Hang Tags for the clothing industry
    Tickets for the culture and tourism industry

    Advanced Print Head Control Technology  Amica’s proprietary VDS (Variable Droplet Size) control technology produces vivid colors, smooth gradients, as well as crisp and clear small-sized texts and lines, providing you with high-quality final prints. 

    Automatic and Accurate Media Feeding Control  The servo-driven system ensures high-precision and high-speed printing with low noise and slight vibration. The signal encoder enables to acquire media feeding signal for fast and accurate variable data printing.
    Integrated UV Pinning and Curing System  The UV pinning system maintains the ink droplet in place to control dot gains until it reaches the full UV curing system, which cures the ink finally and completely. With the integrated UV pinning and curing system, LZC54 provides sharper and vibrant print quality, outstripping other small-scale water-based label printers and thermal transfer printers.


    Visualized Window

    enables to inspect printing status, preventing UV light leakage.

    Active Negative Pressure System
    provides high-quality printing at higher firing frequency.

    Print Head Maintenance System

    Adopting compact drawer-type design, Automatic Print Head Maintenance System allows purging, wiping and capping to promote performance. 

    Ink Supply System

    Built-in liquid level sensors alarm the shortage of ink; anti-overflow unit prevents ink from flowing out, keeping related components intact. 



    Print technology
    Print heads: 

    DOD piezo electric print heads 

    Print resolution:
    600 × 600dpi, 600 × 300dpi
    7 - 21pl, Variable Dot Size
    Max. print width: 
    54mm (2.13")
    Print head maintenance:
    Automatic Print Head Maintenance System for purging, wiping and capping
    Print Productivity
    Up to 30m/ min. (98.4ft/ min.)
    Curing system
    UV-LED pinning and curing lamps
    Ink type:
     UV curable inks, CMYK
    Ink tank volume:
    tight web continuous roll feed
    self-adhesive label stock, coated paper, cast coated paper, uncoated paper, aluminum foil, etc.
    Roll-fed width: 
    max. 110mm (4.33")
    0.08-0.50mm (3.15-19.68mils)
    Roll diameter:
    max. 400mm (15.7")
    Roll weight:
    max. 50kg (110lbs)
    Core diameter: 
    76.2mm (3.0")
    500kg (1102lbs)
    Environment requirements
    16 - 28°C (61 - 82°F) 
    Relative humidity:
    40 - 60% (Recommended)
    up to 1000m (3281ft)
    Power requirements
    Frequency 50/ 60Hz; Voltage 220V ± 10%; Power 3300W/ 15A
    Software and user interface

    Professional Printer Control Software (PCS Pro)

    ColorPRINT RIP Software

    MagicPage VDP Software

    Fast Ethernet

    * For print head models or more customized configurations, please feel free to contact us. 

    Front View
    Top View


    MagicPage VDP

    MagicPage is specially designed for monochrome and color variable data printing (VDP), supporting several types of objects, such as text, dates, times, graphics, logos, serial numbers, barcodes, MICR Fonts, and photo images. MagicPage’s features include template management, layout design, data merging, and output preview. MagicPage simplifies and streamlines a wide range of printing applications like security printing, mailings, labels, packaging, barcode printing, and business forms.

    Main Window
    Output Preview

    PCS Pro

    Main Window
    Professional Printer Control Software (PCS Pro) installed on the PC is specifically customized for variable data printing of single-pass inkjet print system. It offers a user-friendly interface to interactively set printer options, manage and maintain print head, and monitor print status. With easy operation and maintenance of the printer, PCS Pro greatly enhances print productivity and efficiency.


    Main Window
    Print Quality Settings

    ColorPRINT is professional RIP software designed and developed for industrial inkjet printing applications. ColorPRINT offers fast RIP speed, reliable & efficient job printing production, and streamlined workflow. Users can easily obtain smooth gradient, vivid images and sharp small size text with its advanced RIP technology. ICC color management workflow ensures vivid and brilliant colors. ColorPRINT is available in ColorPRINT PS and ColorPRINT Server to satisfy the demands of medium-scaled and large-scaled users respectively.



    NuviINK? Single-pass series

    If you are looking for an ink that can be run at high speed for variable data printing, NuviINK? will meet your demanding needs! NuviINK? Single-pass series is specially designed for a wide range of applications, including packaging, plastic cards, tickets, business forms, labels, and security printing etc. 

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